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Company Profile

Sri sri is one of the leading builders in Hyderabad an is well known for quality construction, reliability and commitment. With a proven track record of developing housing projects with comfortable facilities and modern amenities and other infrastructural support at affordable prices.
Sri sri has so far completed more than 20 prestigious ventures successfully in Hyderabad like Sri sri Homes, Sri sri Avenue, Sri sri Anthahpuram, Sri sri Arundhathi, Sri sri Heaven Etc.. Creating eco-friendly amnbience that nutures and sustains happy living is the hall mark of sri sri.

Engineering Expertise:

With more than Two decades of experience in real estate and building construction field, Sri Sri Gruhanirman Projects completed several housing ventures within Hyderabad. All projects are designed precisely to meet the customers’ needs, and at times even offer more. The hallmark of the group is that it pays attention even to small details so it can present customers’ with hassle-free houses, which are hard to find in a fiercely competitive real estate market like ours.

Features of our projects:

Sri Sri Gruhanirman India Pvt. Ltd is a Hyderabad real estate company that stands totally on the trust placed on it by its valued patrons. The company returns this trust by continuously building new edifices that carry the indelible mark of perfection. Whether a customer requires a place for his administrative center or home, he needn’t compromise for anything but the best. Another prominent feature is – Timely completion. Projects are completed on time while ensuring that an increasing accent is placed on quality, comfort and style. Spot on possessions is a major attraction that has endeared the company to a host of its trusted customers. The some of the appealing features that all 'Sri Sri Gruhanirman' ventures have are: Strategic Location, Elegant design, Convenience, Quality, Conformity with Vaasthu, Serene Climatic Conditions, Idyllic Surroundings, and affordable rates and strict adherence to the legal aspects like, for example, clear title.